Roll-to-Roll manufacturing comprises a set of processes and related equipment that constitute a means to automate, increase throughput, and improve reliability of manual or batch processes. Typically, roll-to-roll processes are sought when promising technologies are scaled-up, because roll-to-roll processes offer the throughput and competitive economics that provide enough low cost samples for statistical evaluation of a technology in controlled settings, and eventually in the societal marketplace. 

At Birck, the roll-to-roll labs include prototyping and laboratory equipment for research focused primarily in printed electronics and polymeric coating technology.  In addition, true roll-to-roll equipment is available for scale-up and process development.  Finally, there are a several tools and instruments available for material preparation and characterization related to roll-to-roll processing, especially relevant to inks and coating solutions.

Equipment Pages

Laboratory / Prototyping Equipment

Roll-to-Roll Scale-Up Equipment

Please note that most of these tools have subsystems that can be used in static modes, similar to Laboratory/Prototyping Equipment.

Material Preparation Equipment

Characterization Equipment

Please see the dedicated Roll-to-Roll Characterization page.

Personnel Contacts

NameTitleContact for
Miko CakmakReilly Professor of Materials and Mechanical EngineeringExtrusion, Polymer Processing, Maxwell, General Roll-to-Roll questions
Nick GlassmakerResearch Scientist, Birck Nanotechnology Center

Screen Printing, Mirwec, Maxwell, Nordson, LasX, Rheometry

Guy TelesnickiResearch Engineer, Birck Nanotechnology CenterInkjet Printing, Nordson, LasX, Machine Customization

To be added:

  • Mirwec Solution Deposition Roll to Roll Machine