Recharge Rates

Birck Nanotechnology Center Recharge Rates.

Effective June 1, 2023.

  • Rate Types
    • INT = Internal (Subsidized)
    • ENP = External Non‐Profit, Academic, Governmental, and Indiana Small Business
    • EFP = External For‐Profit
  • Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs are included in listed external prices.

Lab Access Charges

  • Entering BRK labs incurs daily charges to pay for consumables and staff support.
    • The Birck Lab Fee is charged for any day of lab entry into any BRK lab/galley.
    • An additional surcharge also applies depending on the type of lab.
    • If labs of different types are entered, multiple surcharges may be incurred.
  • Each fee/surcharge is daily: charged up to once per calendar day, per user, regardless of the number of entries or different labs of that type entered.
  • Monthly Lab Access Cap (Internal Users): Lab fees/surcharges are subsidized by BNC after paying 15 days per month (per user, per account, per fee/surcharge).
Access ChargeApplies to...INTENPEFP
Birck Lab FeeDaily entry to any BRK lab/galley144451
Bio Lab SurchargeBSL1/2 labs: BRK 1081, 2037, 2043, 2066, 2077, 208792023
Cleanroom SurchargeBRK 2100A285361
Gen Lab SurchargeAny stocked lab/galley not BSL1/2 or BRK 2100A245

Equipment Rates

  • Rates are $ hourly unless specified otherwise in the service name. Hourly billed tools are billed in time step increments of 5 - 60 minutes depending on the particular tool. Check iLab or contact the staff in charge of the tool for more information.
  • "C ‐ " indicates services eligible for Scifres Equipment Cap for internal users.
  • Precious metals are charged at market prices plus applicable markups and overhead charges.
C ‐ Deposition, ALD (4200001865)193742
C ‐ Fiji200 ALD193742
C ‐ Deposition, CVD (4200001866)4589102
C ‐ 2D CVD4589102
C ‐ Axic4589102
C ‐ EasyTube 30004589102
C ‐ Epigress4589102
C ‐ Parylene CVD Furnace4589102
C ‐ Plasma‐Therm Apex SLR HDPCVD4589102
C ‐ Tube 02 Nitride Dep4589102
C ‐ Tube 03 LTO Dep4589102
C ‐ Tube 06 Polysilicon4589102
C ‐ Tube 09 TEOS4589102
C ‐ Deposition, Flex Compatible PVD, Per Run (4200001862)161308354
C ‐ Lesker E‐Beam Evaporator ‐ Flexible Substrate Compatible (Per Run)161308354
C ‐ PVD Sputtering System ‐ Flexible Substrate Compatible (Per Run)161308354
C ‐ Deposition, PVD and Electroplating, Per Run (4200001863)117229263
C ‐ CHA E‐Beam Evaporator #1 (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ CHA E‐Beam Evaporator #2 (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ Iko Electroplating System (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ Lesker E‐Beam Evaporator (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ Leybold E‐Beam Evaporator (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD E‐Beam Evaporator ‐ Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD E‐Beam Evaporator ‐ Metal/Magnetic Sources (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD Sputtering System ‐ 4 Target Magnetic Sources (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD Sputtering System ‐ 6 Target Magnetic Sources (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD Sputtering System ‐ Metal/Dielectric Sources (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ PVD Sputtering System ‐ Nitride (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ WAFAB Electroplating (Per Run)117229263
C ‐ Etching, General (4200001857)204046
C ‐ Branson Asher204046
C ‐ March Jupiter II204046
C ‐ March Jupiter III204046
C ‐ Xactix E1 Xenon Difluoride (XeF2) Etcher204046
C ‐ Etching, ICP (4200001856)60116133
C ‐ AJA Ion Mill60116133
C ‐ Panasonic E620 ICP RIE Etcher60116133
C ‐ Plasma Therm APEX SLR60116133
C ‐ STS AOE60116133
C ‐ STS ASE 260116133
C ‐ Furnace, Oxidation/Annealing (4200001867)234349
C ‐ Blue M Furnace234349
C ‐ Jipelec RTA234349
C ‐ Nitric Oxide Anneal234349
C ‐ Nitrogen Anneal Furnace234349
C ‐ RCA Hood234349
C ‐ Tube 01 Clean Ox234349
C ‐ Tube 04 Field Ox234349
C ‐ Tube 05 Anneal234349
C ‐ Tube 07 General Ox234349
C ‐ Tube 08 Phos Drive234349
C ‐ Lithography, Aligners (4200001860)46115132
C ‐ 557 MJB3 Aligners46115132
C ‐ Heidelberg MLA150 Maskless Aligner46115132
C ‐ MA646115132
C ‐ MJB3_146115132
C ‐ MJB3_246115132
C ‐ MJB446115132
C ‐ Nanonex NX‐200046115132
C ‐ SB6e bonder46115132
C ‐ Lithography, E‐Beam, 100 kV (4200001858)92238273
C ‐ JEOL JBX‐8100FS E‐Beam Writer92238273
C ‐ Lithography, Spinners (4200001859)214450
C ‐ Laurell EDC‐650 Spin Processor214450
C ‐ SCS 6808P Spinner #2214450
C ‐ SCS G3P‐8 Spinner #1214450
C ‐ Spinner3214450
C ‐ Spinner4214450
C ‐ Metrology, General (4200001864)265159
C ‐ Alpha‐Step265159
C ‐ Bruker GT‐K265159
C ‐ Cleanroom Ellipsometer265159
C ‐ DI3100 BRK1265265159
C ‐ Filmetrics F10‐RT265159
C ‐ Filmetrics F40‐UV265159
C ‐ JEOL JCM 5000 Neoscope SEM265159
C ‐ Keyence VHX‐6000 Digital Microscope265159
C ‐ KLA‐Tencor P‐10 Profilometer265159
C ‐ Leica DCM8 Confocal Microscope265159
C ‐ Nanoman AFM265159
C ‐ Nikon Eclipse L150 Microscope 1 (N Bay)265159
C ‐ Nikon Eclipse L150 Microscope 2 (N Bay)265159
C ‐ Olympus BX‐60 Microscope (J Bay)265159
C ‐ Olympus Microscope265159
C ‐ P‐7 Profilometer265159
C ‐ Park NX20 AFM265159
C ‐ Stress Machine265159
Characterization, LDV (4200001842)264147
Polytec Laser Vibrometer264147
Suss PLV50 ProbeStation264147
Characterization, Probe Station (4200001836)275159
Cleanroom Probe 1275159
Jandel 4‐point Probe275159
MM P200L Semi‐Automatic Probe Station275159
MMR Probe275159
Probe 1275159
Probe 2275159
Characterization, Spin Lab (4200001837)124653
Lakeshore CRX-VF Cryogenic Vertical Field Probe Station124653
Deposition, PLD, Per Run (4200001839)400628723
PVD Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) (Per Run)400628723
Lithography, E‐Beam, 30 kV (4200001838)64124142
Raith eLine E‐Beam Writer64124142
Metrology, Center for AFM (4200001841)4889102
Asylum MFP 3D Bio4889102
Metrology, Femtosecond and Raman (4200001840)314956
Coherent Legend FS314956
Horiba LabRAM HR314956
Metrology, Helium Ion Microscope (4200002158)121190219
Zeiss Orion NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope121190219
Metrology, Kratos XPS (4200001844)406675
Kratos AXIS Ultra DLD Imaging XPS406675
Metrology, Omicron Surface Analysis (4200001845)193742
Omicron Surface Analysis Cluster193742
Metrology, Optics and Spectroscopy Lab (4200001843)325361
J.A. Woollam RC2 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer325361
Lambda 950325361
Thermo Scientific DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope325361
VASE Ellipsometer325361
Metrology, PQSEI (4200002159)162428
Horiba XploRA Confocal Raman Microscope162428
Metrology, Panalytical XRD (4200001846)295058
Packaging and Assembly, Advanced (4200001848)448598
Accretech SS20 Dicing Saw448598
DiscoDad 2448598
JFP Wire Bonder448598
LPKF Mill448598
LPKF Plater448598
LPKF Press448598
Pick and Place448598
Westbond 7476E Thermosonic Wedge Bonder ‐ Aluminum448598
Westbond 7476E Thermosonic Wedge Bonder ‐ Gold448598
Packaging and Assembly, Basic (4200001847)193742
ASAP‐1 IPS Digital Sample Preparation System193742
Critical Point Dryer193742
Fuji Inkjet193742
Kruss DSA25 Drop Shape Analyzer193742
Maxwell Component: E‐spin chamber/Laser193742
Maxwell Component: Novacentrix PulseForge193742
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2 3D Printer193742
TA Instruments DHR3 Rheometer193742
ULS PLS6MW Laser Engraver193742
Roll‐to‐Roll, Process Demonstration (4200001850)191350402
Maxwell Roll to Roll System191350402
Roll‐to‐Roll, Prototyping (4200001849)95149172
MPS TF‐100 Screen Printer95149172
Nordson Quantum Q‐6800 Fluid Dispensing System95149172

Staff Time Charges

  • Rates are $ hourly.
Staff Time, Engineering76144166
Staff Time, Scientific, Center for AFM64101116
Staff Time, Scientific, Optics90140161
Staff Time, Scientific, Roll to Roll102160184
Staff Time, Scientific, Spin Lab106166191
Staff Time, Scientific, Surface Analysis103162186


Scifres Equipment Service Cap

Scifres Equipment Service Cap: For internal users, a $13,000 hard cap is implemented for shared use equipment services on the Scifres cost center per user, per account (WBSE/IO), per fiscal year (by billing date). Any user is “uncapped” after being subsidized a total of $12,000 under this cap across all their associated accounts per fiscal year (by billing date). Capping is done monthly by covering the costs for the affected usage from the Birck General Fund.

Staff Core Services

Any training or core services on tools by BNC engineers/scientists will be added onto the iLab calendar charge as an add-on based on the amount of actual time spent on the training/core service, rounded up to a reasonable fraction of the hour.

Staff time related to researchers having used equipment, laboratories, or software in a manner inconsistent with BNC standard operating procedures, including staff time for communications, retraining, user identification, determining a timeline of events, extraordinary repair, etc., may be charged as core services at an unsubsidized rate for internal users (the approved break-even rate for the relevant Staff Time, rounded up to the nearest dollar). Where applicable, and consistent with the principles in 2 CFR 200, direct costs for replacement/repair of equipment, parts, and consumables may be charged directly to the relevant user and grant which incurred the cost if the research techniques which incurred the cost were outside the scope of relevant standard operating procedures. Operation of shared equipment/spaces inconsistent with the relevant standard operating procedures is generally not covered by the recharge rate.

Definition of Indiana Small Businesses

Indiana Small Business are defined here as *'s organized for profit, with a place of business located in the State of Indiana, or which makes a significant contribution to the economy of the State of Indiana through use of Indiana labor; is in the legal form of an individual proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, joint venture, association, trust or cooperative; and has, including its affiliates, not more than 50 employees.

Birck Laboratory Stocked Supplies (subject to change without notice)

  • General Labs stocked supplies: 
    • Gloves 
      • Ultrasense (Deep blue) nitrile gloves 
      • Accutech latex gloves (for solvent use, cleanroom grade) 
      • Acid gloves (cleanroom grade) 
    • Wipes 
      • 1109 Techwipe cleanroom wipes 
      • Kimwipes (Small, Standard, EXL) 
    • Solvents 
      • Isopropanol 
      • Methanol 
      • Acetone 
      • Toluene 
      • Solvent squeeze bottles 
      • Solvent waste bottles 
    • Acids 
      • Hydrogen Peroxide 
      • Buffered Oxide Etch 
      • Hydrofluoric Acid 
      • Hydrochloric Acid 
      • Ammonium Hydroxide 
      • Sulfuric Acid 
      • Nitric Acid 
      • Phosphoric Acid 
      • Acetic Acid (Glacial) 
    • Chemical PPE 
      • Acid PPE (aprons and face shields) 
      • Sharps containers and broken glass containers 
      • HF Safety Items 
      • Bottle carriers 
    • Available by request, if needed and used responsibly: 
      • Supreno (light blue) nitrile gloves 
      • Tacky mats 
      • Swiffers 
      • Hair covers 
      • Shoe covers (conductive or non-conductive) 
      • Microscope slides 
      • Pasteur pipettes 
      • Small latex bulbs 
      • Swabs 
      • UHV foil 
      • 2069 cleanroom wipes 
      • Nanofabrication solvents and optical lithography chemicals  
  • BioLabs Stocked Supplies: In addition to General Labs supplies: 
    • Bio specific PPE and safety items 
      • Midknight nitrile gloves (BSL1) or Sterling nitrile gloves (BSL2) 
      • Biowaste bags 
      • Soap 
      • Paper Towels 
      • Serological pipettes (3 sizes) 
      • Aspirating pipettes  
  • Cleanroom: In addition to general lab supplies: 
    • Cleanroom Chemicals 
      • Nanofabrication Solvents 
        • Chlorobenzene 
        • HMDS 
        • Xylene 
        • PGMEA (SU8 Developer) 
      • Nanofabrication Acids/bases 
        • PRS 2000 
        • Remover PG 
        • CR-16 Chrome Etchant 
        • FE-12-CC-11 Iron Oxide Etchant 
        • Pure Strip 
        • 25% TMAH 
      •  Lithography Chemicals 
        • AZ Developer 
        • AZ 1518 Photoresist 
        • AZ 9260 Photoresist / AZ 10XT Photoresist 
        • AZ 400K KOH Developer 
        • MF26A Developer 
      • E-Beam Lithography Chemicals 
        • 950 PMMA and 495 PMMA EBL Resist 
        • MIBK/IPA 1:3 PMMA Developer 
        • AR-P 6200.13 EBL Resist (see Bill Rowe for details,
        • XR-1541 HSQ EBL Resist 
    • Cleanroom supplies 
      • Many “by request” items are stocked:  
        • Hair covers 
        • Shoe covers (non-conductive) 
        • Microscope slides 
        • Pasteur pipettes 
        • Small latex bulbs 
        • Swabs 
        • UHV foil  
        • 2069 cleanroom wipes 
    • Cleanroom veils and Cleanroom M3 face masks   
    • Cleanroom paper and pens 
    • Label makers and printer labels for glassware 
    • Cleanroom tape