Nanotechnology has become deeply integrated in biological, pharmaceutical, and medical research and applications. The Birck Nanotechnology Center is equipped with multiple BSL-1 and BSL-2 laboratories to facilitate interdisciplinary research on bio-sensing, microfluidics, microbiome- and cell culture-based lab-on-a-chip modeling.

  • A BSL-1 laboratory functionalized for chemical-, electro-, and nanoparticle- synthesis
  • A BSL-2 laboratory equipped for microfluidic study of biophysical microenvironment
  • A BSL-2 laboratory with biosafety cabinet, constant temperature shaker, oven, high speed centrifuge, and DNA/protein gel equipment to support microbiome-related research and molecular biology assays.
  • The three-dimensional cell culture core facility (3D3C), a BSL-2 laboratory equipped with four biosafety cabinets, six incubators, various cell culture equipment, glass- and plastic- wares for immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry, and a Nikon immunofluorescence microscope to support mammalian cell culture-based tissue/organoid modeling, lab-on-a-chip, and cell bioassays.
  • A BSL-2 bio-cleanroom equipped with biosafety cabinet, incubator, physiological probe station, and confocal microscope to support the research activity such as bio-fabrication.

Staff contact: Yunfeng Bai