Bio Cleanroom


This is a pharmaceutical-grade environment that can be used for electrochemical testing, cell culture on devices, soft materials fabrication, and imaging of biological material.

  • There is a room dedicated to a confocal microscope that can be used to image biological samples as well as electrical devices
    • This requires additional training - contact staff
  • There is a BSL-2 lab with a biosafety hood that can be used for cell culture
    • This requires additional training - contact staff
  • There are work benches, an acid hood, and a solvent hood
  • There is lithography equipment dedicated to soft materials
  • There is an area with designated equipment for electrochemical testing
  • There are two passthroughs: one from the cleanroom into the Bio Cleanroom, and one between the hallway and the Bio Cleanroom

Staff contact: Guy Telesnicki

Basic Training and Tour of Facility

Gowning procedure:

  • Blue lab coat (Black if you are working in the cell culture room)
  • Bouffant cap
  • shoe covers
  • safety glasses
  • gloves - optional