Scanning Probe Microscopy


A variety of scanning probe microscopes are available.  Samples can be imaged in air or liquid environments.  Measurement modalities include:

  • Contact mode measurements of surface structure, roughness, and friction.
  • Tapping mode measurements of surface structure, roughness, and phase.
  • Force displacement measurements of sample elasticity and adhesion.
  • Contact resonance and bimodal (AM-FM) measurements of viscoelastic properties.
  • Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) measurements of magnetic forces above the sample.
  • Electrostatic force microscopy (EFM) measurements of electrostatic force above the sample.
  • Piezoelectric force microscopy (PFM) measurements of the piezoelectric response of the sample.
  • Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) measurements of surface potential.

Asylum Cypher S AFM

  • Equipped with photothermal actuation
  • Housed in a low noise, low RF, environmentally controlled lab
  • 30 um x 30 um x 5 um scan volume
  • 15 mm diameter sample mount

Asylum MFP-3D-Bio AFM

  • Has integrated inverted light microscope with spinning disk confocal capability
  • Housed in a BSL2 lab space
  • 90 um x 90 um x 15 um scan volume
  • Can mount standard optical glass slides

Staff Contact: Ron Reger


CO2 Snow Cleaning - Resurrecting Dirty AFM Calibration Standards.pdf

Nanolithography using AFM